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新しい編集者募集のご案内: オープンアクセスジャーナル Volcanica


We are looking for new volunteer editors to join our dedicated editorial board at the journal Volcanica.
Volcanica (https://www.jvolcanica.org) is a diamond open access journal (free for authors and readers) for high-quality, peer-reviewed volcano research. Now having operated for more than six years, we are home to 13 completed issues containing over 130 original Research, Report, and Review articles. Volcanica is managed by a team of volunteer editors, who oversee peer-review as well as participating in management discussions, helping to steer the Volcanica project more broadly.

## We seek to fill three types of (unpaid) volunteer roles at Volcanica:
- Topical editors: editors with expertise in a certain subject or range of subjects, who will be primarily responsible for handling submitted manuscripts and managing the peer review process. All of our topical editors should also be comfortable coordinating peer review for submissions from volcanological disciplines outside their immediate expertise. Editors may also be responsible for a particular article type, such as Reports or Review articles.
- Copyeditors: editors who are responsible for proofreading accepted manuscripts to ensure quality and consistency within and between Volcanica articles.
- Technical editors: editors who are responsible for handling manuscripts post-acceptance. This role primarily involves typesetting and coordinating final publication.

## The application process
Those interested should submit an application package composed of three parts:
1. A personal statement (up to 400 words), including the role applied for and why the applicant is interested in Volcanica.
2. A Curriculum Vitae of up to 2 pages.
3. A statement (up to 400 words) on "What makes a good editor".
Applications should be sent via email to editor★jvolcanica.org(★→@) and search★jvolcanica.org(★→@). The application deadline is July 15, 2024.

## Note
The volcanological sub-disciplines covered by our incumbent editorial team are not exhaustive: if you are working in a field of volcanology currently under-represented by Volcanica, we encourage you to reach out to us. Previous editorial experience is useful but not mandatory: Volcanica encourages applications from early career and more seasoned volcanologists alike. We encourage applicants from backgrounds globally under-represented in the geosciences.

## The successful candidates
Editors should be committed to ensuring the quality of published research and in maintaining the rigour, timeliness, and kindness of the peer review process. Applicants must hold a PhD in volcanology or a related discipline, or should be able to demonstrate comparable related research or work experience. Both topical and technical editing roles can be a serious time commitment, which should be considered carefully by applicants. Hands-on time for a single article may be spread out over a period of months, and editors may be asked to handle multiple articles simultaneously. The volunteer time commitment of technical editorial roles is highly variable, depending on the length and complexity of the original manuscript, its submission format, the inclusion of supplementary material, and the size and quantity of in-text display elements. Importantly, all editors must be responsive in their communication with authors, reviewers, and other editors. Editors are also encouraged to engage in promotion and outreach related to Volcanica. While we of course encourage it, editors are not required to submit or solicit submissions to Volcanica. Editors will join our wider Editorial Board. Therefore, although much of the work is done independently, the capacity to interact and communicate effectively within a team is important, as many journal-level decisions and discussions involve the editorial board as a whole. Moreover, a key part of the role involves liaising with potential reviewers and authors, so good communication skills are beneficial.
Successful applicants will receive on-the-job training and a tutorial on Volcanica's editorial interface. Ongoing mentorship opportunities will also be available.

### Topical editors
Topical editors should have a good working knowledge of the state-of-the-art of their research area. Editors will be expected to solicit reviews for submitted manuscripts from experts in the field. Editors are required to manage the timeline of review, to communicate with the corresponding author(s) of articles, to make clear decisions about submission appropriateness for the journal, synthesise the recommendations of multiple reviewers, offering their own expert opinion or additional reviews if necessary and appropriate, and make decisions on whether articles are suitable for eventual publication.

### Technical editors
Technical editors should be comfortable using document conversion and typesetting software, such as PanDoc and LaTeX, or must be committed to learning how to use them effectively. Being comfortable using various word processing and PDF software and having basic programming experience is desirable, but not mandatory.

### Copyeditors
Copyeditors should have a strong command of the English language, a keen eye for detail, and an understanding of grammar, punctuation, and writing style rules. Copyeditors may be required to communicate directly with authors, so good communication skills are beneficial.

If you have any questions, or are unsure whether you might be eligible or suitable for an editorial role, please feel free to reach out to: farquharson★jvolcanica.org(★→@).

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