Bulletin of the
Volcanological Society of Japan

Vol. 61 No.2, (2016)

* in English
** in Japanese with English Abstract and Figure Captions
*** in Japanese

Special Section : The 60th Anniversary of VSJ: gLatest Advances and Future Perspectives in Volcanologyhi2j
** Magma Reservoir: Preeruptive Magma Processes and the Conditions That Lead to Volcanic Eruptions [Review]
Akihiko TOMIYA 281-294
** From Magma Chamber to Eruption Cloud: Observations and Mathematical Model [Review]
Tomofumi KOZONO 295-310
** Recent Progress of Volcano Deformation Studies [Review]
Yosuke AOKI 311-344
** Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Observations for Volcanology [Review]
Koki AIZAWA 345-365
** Methods to Investigate Syneruptive Magma Processes Using Textures in Ejecta A Review of Progress in Last 10 Years [Review]
Yuki SUZUKI 367-384
** Dynamics of Volcanic Eruption Clouds:Recent Progress of Numerical Models [Review]
Yujiro J. SUZUKI 385-394
** Tephra Transport: Modeling and Forecasting [Review]
Toshiki SHIMBORI 399-427
** Stratigraphy and Petrological Characteristics of the Benri Subunit of the Aso-4 Pyroclastic Flow Deposits in the Northwestern Part of the Aso Volcano, Japan [Article]
Takuma SEKI, Yoji ARAKAWA, Taro SHINMURA, Junya OSHIKA, Yasushi MORI and Kei IKEHATA 429-448
** Ellipsoidal Volume Source Calculation Webtool for Moment Tensor Evaluation of Three Models: (1) Expansion, (2) Simple Movement of Magma and (3) Pressure Recovery after Simple Movement [Scientific Communication]
Naoto MIZUNO, Nobuki KAME and Mie ICHIHARA 449-457
** Fluid Movements and Eruption Processes Inferred from Waveform Analyses of Volcano-seismic Signals [Scientific Communication]
Yuta MAEDA 459-464
** The Present Position of the Study of Vulcanian Eruption [Scientific Communication]
Takahiro MIWA 465-475
*** Volcanic Activity in japan , during January - March , 2016 ^Miscellaneous News [News]
*** To the Memories of Dr. Yoshio KATSUI [Obituary]
Mitsuhiro NAKAGAWA 501-502
*** Information on 2016 Fall Annual Meeting [News]


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